Over the past twenty years, experience and professionalism, going back over sixty years, have matured and consolidated into Ergon Meccanica: a trusted partner able to guarantee top quality solutions to the hollow glass industry all over the world, with great attention and specialisation in both mechanical and plant engineering, as well as refurbishment or new production from scratch.

Ergon meccanica

A well-established company that operates internationally,
Ergon Meccanica is pursuing worldwide customer satisfaction supporting the hollow glass industry through the most advanced technologies in the field of construction, overhaul, installation and maintenance of industrial machines.


The milestones that allowed our business to grow over the years


The entrepreneurial history of the Sambin family begins. The business activity consists in the prefabrication and assembly of industrial plants and in the processing and welding of stainless and special steels. The construction and maintenance of plants in the main industries in the Savona area – including Montecatini, Ferrania, Italiana Coke, Funivie, Italsider and Centrale Enel – dates back to those years.


The industrial site of Dego experiences growth, thanks to the activities of the F.lli Sambin Snc company. In the 1960s and 1970s the company takes part in the construction of new plants for the glass, chemical, petrochemical and sugar factories, located in various parts of Italy. After the mid-1970s, the F.lli Sambin company begins work on the project for the new Dego workshop dedicated to large carpentry, small and medium series carpentry and to sheet metal processing for the manufacture of boilers, investing in technologically advanced machinery.


A new idea of industry is conceived through increasingly specialised activities that include production and the supply of specialised services in specific market niches. In particular, the company’s focus shifts on “revamping” and carrying out extraordinary maintenance of the IS machines for the production of hollow glass.


After twenty years of consolidated experience in the construction and maintenance of IS machines, Ergon Meccanica begins its own independent path, under the expert and committed guidance of the third generation of the Sambin family. The activity takes place in the industrial site of Dego for all the construction and overhaul of IS machines and individual parts. Service and installation activities, instead, are carried out on site at glass factories located all over the world.


Following over 10 years of successful cooperation with Bucher Emhart Glass as main third parties supplier for in plant service activities and for major and minor repairs on customers’ used machines and equipment, today ERGON Meccanica is “Repair specialist for Bucher Emhart Glass products”.

World leading partners

More than ever, consolidation and constant know-how are also the result of a long-lasting partnership with Bucher Emhart Glass as a provider of the state-of-the-art technology adopted in our IS machines and the dedicated technical support.

The glass district

Ergon Meccanica is located in Dego, (Savona), the heart of Val Bormida, Northern Italy.

The art of glass was formerly introduced into the area in the 10th century by a Benedictine community, having found dense woodland in the area that provided abundant fuel for the furnaces.

The so-called University of Glass guild was founded in the area in the 14th century, bringing together all workers in the glass industry. Over the centuries, glass production has been widely consolidated in the area, through important artistic and artisanal activities, today renowned all over the world.

Today, the glass industry is a leading sector of the economy in the area, counting one of the largest concentrations of production and processing plants in Northern Italy in the hollow glass sector, in addition to those dedicated to glass recovery and recycling.

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Our Mission
and values

Our business is to satisfy our customers

All our actions must be carefully measured in relation to our success in reaching the goal of satisfying our customers. We are committed to the highest ethical and integrity standards.

We feel responsible towards customers, employees and their families, towards the environment in which we live and the community that we are part of. We do not use ethical or professional shortcuts in fulfilling our responsibilities. Our relationship with all segments of society must reflect the high standards that we have set for ourselves.

We trust that our ability to excel – being able to meet customers’ needs in the most competitive way – depends not only on our knowledge, skills and expertise, but also on our commitment to integrity, inclusiveness and transparency.

Ergon Meccanica is committed not only to creating jobs, but also a safe work environment, based on mutual respect, constant support and teamwork. Internal training is a fundamental value of our organisation at all levels. A complete and fully operational IS machine is dedicated to train our specialists according to the most updated technologies.

Our specialists

Do you need help? Ergon Meccanica is always at your side, understanding your needs, offering you support, as well as providing you with answers and long term solutions.


Matteo Callegaro

Project Manager

Daniele Taverna

Project Manager

Leano Torello

Project Manager

Alessio Gagliardo

Technical Engineer

Piermarco Laiolo​

Service Specialist

Ivo Minetti

Service Specialist

Paolo Laura

Service Specialist

Massimiliano Peluffo

Service Specialist

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