Ergon Meccanica supports the hollow glass industry with specific solutions and teams of experts who offer customised services according to the specific requirements of each industry.

The development of customised solutions is a very important part of our skillset.

In joint project work, we develop tailor-made modifications and new solutions which not only cover your requirements, but also support your goals in a profit-oriented way.

In this regard, we draw from our global pool of knowledge and innovation, rely on our engineering experts and on the Ergon Meccanica team and, in the end, provide you with technically sound, effective and tailor-made solutions.

Following a detailed planning stage, carefully defined by our project management team, you will be assigned a team of engineering and technical specialists who will follow you on site or in our production facilities in Dego.

In search for the best solution, no challenge is too big for our experts.



Our activity is focused on products and system solutions that are highly efficient, economical, as well as sustainable. We are able to assemble a complete machine, whether the customer provides us with parts to be reused, whether they request purchasing a subset of the parts from Bucher Emhart Glass, or whether neither scenario applies, with or without upgrades.

We are able to supply customers with a complete machine or with sub-assemblies thereof, in any situation. Each component undergoes different processes in a dedicated department in our plant, and in the end all the components are brought together in the final assembly department for the so-called “Wedding”.

All our departments are linked to one another thanks to an efficient internal organisation that allows us to effectively manage the entire process, to a complete machine shipment anywhere in the world, while also ensuring product traceability.


Thanks to a well-structured operating team, it is possible to manage complete or single part repairs with genuine Bucher Emhart Glass components.

At the customer’s discretion, repairs of any kind are carried out with new components, repaired components supplied by the customer, or repaired components supplied by our facility.

Ergon Meccanica is able to manage repairs and maintenance throughout the whole machine life cycle.


Ergon Meccanica has fully dedicated departments for both mechanical and electrical construction or maintenance with appropriate functional and quality tests.

In our local testing facilities, as well as in your headquarters, we will be able to test the performance of each technical component, before testing the whole machine ready to be deployed to production.

On-site service

Our work usually starts from our workshop, but project quantity and variability bring Ergon's expert staff directly into some of the most important hollow glass industries around the world, relying on our best specialised technicians.

Ergon Meccanica is proud to provide disassembly, repair and reassembly services directly at the glass plant, including mechanisms, everything performed strictly on-site. In addition, we specialise in the replacement of specific machine sections, including exchange base.

Thanks to a flexible organisation, our departments work together, particularly in critical and emergency scenarios where time sensitivity and non-standard production are required.

Performing cutting-edge solutions
meeting today’s glass industry needs