The reduction of the environmental impact does not only directly affect those who produce the glass but also those who orbit around it.

Ergon Meccanica for the environment

Over the past several years Ergon Meccanica has continued its strong commitment to social responsibility, to seriously promote and support sustainability in order to minimise negative impacts on the environment.

Sustainability and environment

Ergon Meccanica has set itself the goal of implementing environmental aspects within its corporate management system.

Our real commitments in this respect include:

  • Compliance with applicable environmental legislation.
  • Maintaining our certifications.
  • Staff training, at all levels, on the needs to commit to implementing an integrated company policy.
  • Involvement of suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Definition of goals and objectives, in order to improve our environmental performance.
  • Identification, assessment and mitigation of environmental risks.


Ergon Meccanica owns state of the art facility equipment to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities.

Ergon Meccanica has recently installed a water treatment plant that guarantees good quality performances of the outgoing water, conveying it directly to the Dego consortium purifier where additional purification activities are carried out.

The washing department’s water downstream contains metals, surfactants and hydrocarbons.

A first decanting stage eliminates the suspended solid part.

The treatment plant consists of two stages, one with basic PH and one with acid PH.

The water purification plant is able to guarantee a degree of purity such that no further treatments are required. In addition, Ergon still conveys the outgoing water directly to the Dego consortium purifier, where additional purification activities are carried out.

Ergon has recently installed a large painting booth that guarantees total safety in the handling of components and boasts the most advanced performance in terms of minimisation of dispersed paint particles, both in the area adjacent to the operator and in the atmosphere.

During the painting phases, an air flow is created which forces the suspended paint particles into an extractor hood equipped with activated carbon filters.

The booth is also equipped with a burner that enables thermoregulation of the environment to improve paint drying and final yield.

There is no dispersion of paints in the environment

Improved operator working conditions as well as handling safety, particularly when it comes to heavy and bulky parts.

Improved quality of the air released into the external environment.

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