Training Centre

Customers are invited to train in the same room we dedicate to the internal training of our specialists.

Thanks to our global presence, we offer our customers around the world the most effective training systems, which are constantly tailored to the requirements of the specific industries in which we operate, ranging from full training in the use of the IS machine, to particular insights into specific mechanisms.


Ergon Meccanica has set up a fully functional training room with a Two Section IS machine working with FlexIS 3 Timing where it is possible to carry out training courses for machine operators.

More specifically, Ergon Meccanica offers training courses on the electronics components focused on:

  • Knowledge of the components inside the panels
  • Working logic
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Knowledge of the functions in terms of safety and security


Our expert staff can hold hands-on training sessions directly on the machines, as well as having the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with the gob forming mechanism.
In addition, the plunger feeder and gob distributor are fully operative.

More specifically Ergon Meccanica offers training courses on the mechanical components focused on:

  • Feeder plunger, tube height, tube rotation, shear or gob distributor
  • Insights into plant engineering in general, such as compressed air and lubrication of all mechanisms
  • Insights into understanding the operation of the pneumatic system, both with FPS proportional valves and with on-off valves
  • Sections in general and their internal mechanisms


In order to provide the best possible support to our clients, helping them to exploit the full potential of the IS Machine, we favour training sessions with a small number of participants in order to maximise operator/teacher and operator/machine interactions.

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